The Ojai Cook

The Ojai CookThe Ojai Cook’s objective has always been to give the consumer delicious, all natural condiments at an affordable price. The inspiration for all our products comes from the 2000 acres of lemon and orange grooves in California’s Ojai Valley. Our condiments are sold throughout the world in gourmet, natural food stores, and supermarkets.



The Ojai Cook Lemonaise The Ojai Cook Lemonaise Light The Ojai Cook Lemonaise The Ojai Cook Latin Lemonaise The Ojai Cook Lemonaise  The Ojai Cook Lemonaise The Ojai Cook Lemonaise The Ojai Cook Organic Mayonnaise

355 ML – 12 OZ. JARS (except Organic Mayonnaise, size noted below) – ALL JARS PACKED 6 PER CASE

OC6A01 693239-990015 LEMONAISE A zesty, spirited, all natural mayonnaise with a strong lemon/mustard infusion. Our #1 in taste as rated by the New York Times and Washington Post. OU Kosher certified.
OC6A02 693239-990022 LEMONAISE LIGHT With the same fresh, tangy taste of Lemonaise but low calorie, low fat, no sugar, no carbs, and no cholesterol. Non GMO, non dairy, soy based and OU Kosher certified.
0C6A03 693239-990038 LEMONAISE WITH GARLIC & HERBS The great taste of Lemonaise with generous jolts of basil, tarragon and a touch of garlic; low calorie and low fat, no sugar, carbs or cholesterol. Non GMO, non-dairy, soy based and OU Kosher certified.
0C6A04 693239-990046 LEMONAISE W/CHILES LIME & CUMIN (LATIN) Latin Lemonaise is sexy and spicy wtih lots of red chiles, cumin and lime juice; high is taste but low in calories and fat. No sugar, carbs or cholesterol. Non GMO, non-dairy, soy based and OU Kosher certified.
OC6A05 693239-990114 GREEN DRAGON LEMONAISE A perfect blend of the fiery sensation of wasabi heat tempered with cilantro and lemon, delivering a distinctively Asian kick. Enjoy with sushi, seared tuna, tempura, and other Asian fare.
OC6A07 693239-990138 CHA CHA CHIPOTLE LEMONAISE A spicy, rich smokey condiment that packs a punch! Loaded with chipotle chiles, cayenne, and red pepper. it’s ideal for vegetable dips, wraps, chicken wings, potato salad, and a a dipping sauce for southwest favorites.
OC6A08 693239 990060 BITE BACK TARTAR SAUCE Health conscious appeal, lower in sodium, cholesterol, and total fat than mainstream seafood sauces.
OC6A09 693239 990152 ORGANIC MAYONNAISE (473 ml) Certified Organic. All Natural, no preservatives, no chemicals. Contains cage free eggs and expeller press soybean oil. A full rich flavour and creamy texture.