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Why we created this product: This versatile dessert is too delicious to be enjoyed at Christmas time only. We wanted to make it available year round!

Distinctive features: Prepared by hand in Montreal’s Little Italy neighbourhood, Favuzzi panforte is always fresh. With its blend of perfectly balanced spices, it features milder aromas than traditional panforte from Sienna. It even earned a mention in Véro magazine as one of Josée di Stasio’s favourite products.

Production method: Since panforte is made entirely by hand, confectioners need plenty of elbow grease to blend the dried fruits, honey, sugar and spices for several minutes into a soft and delicious final product. Every single step – blending the ingredients into a smooth paste, shaping the paste, vacuum-packing and wrapping in carefully folded brown paper – is done manually.

Origin: Favuzzi panforte is produced in Montreal’s Little Italy neighbourhood.

The artisans behind the product: Stefano Cicali owns La Cornetteria, a small shop in Montreal’s Little Italy. A native of Florence, near Sienna (the birthplace of panforte), this pastry chef was taught the secrets of panforte making by a local artisan.

Uses: Panforte is delicious as a dessert, served alongside a glass of prosecco. It also pairs well with a cup of coffee or tea. Its nutritional properties make it an ideal post-workout snack. It is also a great complement to a platter of cheeses, terrines and pâtés.

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